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>>  Who are Pendraken?

Pendraken Miniatures was formed in 1992 by Dave and Lynne Pengilley, focussing on the 10mm scale.  As the business grew, more members of the family became involved in the business, and we've all now worked for the company at some point.  In 2010 we also launched Minibits, which supplies a variety of products outside of our core 10mm market.  The current workforce consists of:

 Leon - Day-to-day jobs, looking after the emails, website and Forum, keeping on top of the sculptors/releases and generally greasing the wheels of the Pendraken machine!  Also casts when required.

 Dave - Our founder, takes care of all the moulding and casts most of the 20th Century orders.

 Adele - Leon's better half, who runs the Minibits side of the business as well as packaging, show prep and other random jobs!

 Ian - Our main caster, who joined us in 2014 and casts a variety of orders, mainly pre-20th C and Fantasy/Sci-Fi.

 Mike – Mike’s been with us since 2018 and takes care of Fantasy, Napoleonic and AWI orders.

 Jess - Jess joined us in 2014 and looks after all of the checking and packaging of orders, packaging stock for the shows, and a variety of other jobs.

 Jackie – Jackie is our latest addition to the workforce, checking and packaging orders as well as other odd jobs.

 Ashley – Ashley joined us in 2020 as a 2D designer and looks after our MDF designs and running the laser machines.

 Joshua – Joshua joined us in 2020 as a 2D designer and looks after our MDF designs and running the laser machines.


There is also a large team of designers as well, including Tony Q, Phil Lewis, Martin S, Steve Cox, Matthew Kallechy and Clibinarium, so quite a few people in the Pendraken machine!

>>  Are you adding figure 'X' to your ranges?

We are constantly releasing new items, usually somewhere around 200 new 10mm products each year, so there's always something new on the way.  We update our Forum regularly with the latest sculpts to arrive at Pendraken HQ.  If there's something which you'd like to see added to our catalogue, the best thing to do is make your suggestion on our Forum, and then other people can add their votes.  The more votes it receives, the more likely it is to reach production!  We regularly update the request lists, and compile a Top 10 to keep people in the loop.

>>  Are your figures compatible with 'Company X'?

The simple answer is maybe?  We don't have a selection of figures from other 10mm companies, so the best thing to do is post on our Forum and our super helpful members can offer their advice and some pics if you're  lucky!

Generally, we try to make sure that our ranges are as comprehensive as possible, and are constantly working to achieve this.




>>  What scale is 10mm?

10mm is generally regarded as being equivalent to N-scale, so between 1:144th and 1:160th.  Our vehicles are scaled to 1:150th to sit within that range, with the foot figures usually being 10mm to the eye and around 11.5mm overall height.  There are slight variations between different sculptors, but we do try and keep to a standard size across our ranges.  As we're over 25 years old now, there are some older ranges and vehicles that were sculpted a long time ago and we'll be replacing these as we move forward. 

>>  I am outside the EU, do I pay VAT?

No you don't, the website shows both VAT and ex-VAT prices for you.  When you place the order through the website, the Basket will automatically deduct the VAT from your order when you get to the Checkout.  Printed materials are 0% rated for VAT, so there is no VAT to be deducted from our rulesets.

>>  Can I change the composition of the army packs?

Our army packs are all discounted by 10%, and are often designed to match up with the composition of our moulds.  However, you can change upto 2 of the packs within them, so swapping 3lb guns for 6lb guns, or swapping Dragoons for Hussars is fine.  Once you have placed your order through the website, just pop us an email to let us know the changes you'd like to make.

>>  Why aren't there pictures with all the products?

Apologies for the lack of pictures on the website at the moment, it is something we are constantly working to improve.  We are currently working with some painters to get painted examples of all our ranges, but this will take time to get sorted out.  In the meantime, there are loads of pictures on our Forum which have been posted by our awesome members, and if there's something you can't find, let us know and we'll do our best to get you a picture.


>>  Can you produce custom sizes of MDF bases?

Indeed we can, no problem at all.  Drop us an email to confirm the sizes you need and we'll get back to you with a quantity per pack.  Orders can then be placed using the custom 'BSX', 'BCX', 'BHX' and 'BOX' codes at the bottom of the base lists.

>>  What thickness of MDF do you use?

Our standard thickness is 2mm but we can also provide 3mm on request.



>>  How do I place an order?

You can order by several methods:

- Website - Simply browse the products, and add the items to your Basket.  Proceed to the checkout, fill out your details and a Postage region, and the website will transfer you to PayPal for your payment.  There is a Guest Checkout facility as well, so you do not need to register for an account.

- Email - Pop us your order using the 'Contact Us' section of our website, and we'll get back to you to confirm the price and your preferred payment method.

- Telephone - Give us a ring on 01642 460638, and we'll take your order and card details over the phone.

- Mail - Send us your order in the post, and we'll get it all sorted out for you.

>>  How can I pay for my order?

The website uses PayPal for all orders, but we can also take credit/debit card payments or cheques made payable to 'Pendraken'.  To do this, fill out your details as normal, choose a Postal region and then select the 'Pay In Person' option.  The order will come through to us here and you can then contact us to make your payment.

>>  Do I have to register on the website to place an order?

No, not at all, if you don't want to register on our website then you can either Checkout as a Guest or simply pop us an email with your order and we can arrange payment.

>>  My order is showing as 'Unpaid', what does this mean?

This usually means that we haven't received payment for your order yet.  If you've not paid then we will send you a PayPal invoice within 48 hours of you placing the order.  If we haven't done that yet, please get in touch and we can sort out your payment.  On some occasions, the website might not have received the automated confirmation from PayPal, so drop us an email and we'll confirm that the payment was received safely.

>>  My order is showing as 'Paid', what does this mean?

This means that your order and payment were received and your order is in the queue to be cast up.  We normally get orders cast up and sent out within around 7 days, but this can take longer due to shows, illness, etc.  We will always aim to get your order sent within 21 days, but if your order is getting close to that deadline, pop us an email and we'll let you know how close it is to being sent.

>>  How long does it take to receive my goods?

Due to us having over 4000 items in our catalogue now, we do not hold stock of figures and all of our products are cast to order.  We normally aim to get everything cast up and sent out within around 7 days, but this can take longer when we are busy with shows, or due to illness, etc.  We do keep accessory items on hand, so bases, paints, decals, resin buildings, etc, are all in stock and are generally shipped within a few days.

>>  Can I order by telephone?

Yes, no problem at all, just give us a ring on 01642 460638, and we'll take your order over the phone.  We work a variety of shifts though, so the best time to catch us is usually from midday through to around 7pm.

>>  Can I visit and pick up an order in person?

Yes, no bother at all!  Let us know when you intend to visit and also a list of what you'd like to collect.  Please give us a few days notice to give us chance to get it ready for you, as we do not hold stock of our miniatures ranges.  The unit address is:

Pendraken Miniatures
Unit 2D
Vaughan Court
Bolckow Industrial Estate

Give us a shout if you need any directions.

>>  Can I pick up an order at a show?

Yes, we can sort this for you, no problem, there are two options for this.  The website has a Show Pickup option, so add your products to the Basket as normal and then choose the 'Collect at Show' option.  You will now have a list of shows to choose from.  Please note that you will only be able to order for collection up to 7 days in advance of the event and after this deadline the show will not be available for selection.  Alternatively you can email us a list of what you would like, at least 7 days before the show you're attending, and we'll get it all cast up ready for the event.

>>  Can I make custom orders?

Yes, we can do custom orders on most of our ranges.  The best thing to do is send us a list by email, stating which code and figures you would like, for example NPF1 - French Line x 24 figures, NPF3 French Officer x 3 figures, etc.  We will total everything up, and get back to you to confirm the price and your preferred payment method.  Please note that custom orders are priced higher than regular orders.

>>  Can you send me samples?

We can send out some samples, no bother at all.  Pop us an email stating which ranges you are interested in, and also your address, and we'll get some sent out for you.

>>  Can I buy your products elsewhere?

We don't have any shops who stock our full ranges at the moment as we lose money on discounted trade orders.  There are some businesses who can buy from us on request:


Dark Horse Hobbies (USA) -

>>  I ordered through the website and then added some items by email as well, but these are not shown on my Shipment Confirmation email?

We are unable to edit the orders already in our website, so the order shipment confirmation will only show the items on your original order.  Nothing to worry about though, if we confirmed receipt of your extra items, and you've paid for them, then they will be in the package as well.  Once it arrives, give it a check over and let us know if there's any problems.



>>  What are your shipping rates?

UK/BFPO: 5% of the order value (min. £2.50 / max. £5.00)
Europe (Region 1): 15% of the order value (min. £3.50 / max. £15.00)
Rest of World: 25% of the order value (min. £5.00 / max. £25.00)

>>  How long does it take for my items to arrive?

UK packages are sent 2nd class and are usually delivered within 1-2 days normally.  There can be delays caused by Bank Holidays, Christmas, etc.
European packages are sent by Airmail, and are usually delivered within 3-7 days normally.  Occasionally there are delays depending on where you are.
Rest of the World packages are all sent by Airmail, and should be with you within 7-14 days usually.  We do get the odd package which is rerouted by Surface by the postal people, so these can take a lot longer, up to 6 weeks sometimes.  Luckily this doesn't happen very often.  There can also be delays caused by the various Customs people around the world.

For all orders, please allow a suitable length of time before contacting us, 7 days in the UK, 2 weeks in Europe, and 4 weeks for the Rest of the World if possible.  Unfortunately, once the package leaves our hands, there's not a lot we can do to speed up its delivery.

>>  What shipping method do you use?

The majority of our packages are sent through Royal Mail, either 2nd class in the UK, or Airmail for international packages.  We will occasionally use courier services, but this is generally on larger orders over the 2kg threshold, where the costs through Royal Mail become quite high.