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New Website Live!

Welcome to our new website!


We've been working hard these past few months to get our new website up and running and here it is!  Generally the site is similar to our previous one, but with some key changes:


Better Organisation - We've divided up some of the larger WWII ranges into Artillery / Infantry / Vehicle / Misc, to make it easier to find what you're looking for.  We've also put new codes in place.  The resin scenics have had similar treatment, so new codes and better organisation.


Show Collection - You can now choose to collect your orders at any of the upcoming shows instead.  Once you've added everything to the Basket, simply select 'Collect at Show' and then choose which event you would like to collect your order at.  


Guest Checkout - We've been asked about this many times over the years, so we've now got a Guest Checkout feature where you can simply enter your details and Checkout without needing to register for an account with us.  Payment will be taken by PayPal.


Better Images - The new website allows us to upload bigger images, so we'll be working hard over the coming months to add more images to all of our ranges.


More Information - There are two new features here, firstly we can now add the pack contents to each product listing, allowing you to see exactly what comes in each pack.  Secondly we can now add information above each product range, giving you a bit of information/background on each period/conflict.


The bad news...


Old Accounts - We were unable to bring over any of the old website accounts, so you will need to register with a new account if you're wanting to keep a history of your orders with us.  


Product Images - There are still a huge amount of products without any images, so we are working all the time to rectify this.  The Vietminh range is almost complete and we'll have the first of the painted SYW ranges with us very soon.  After that, we'll have painted ACW pictures next, along with regular images of all our resin products.


There are still some minor niggles we're working on, but we'll have those complete as soon as we can.  We hope you like the new site!