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New LoA and WSS releases!

We've got another batch of new releases ready now, with a few assorted goodies for the LoA and WSS periods.  First up Clib's done some conversion work to change the previous LoA command into tricorns, suitable for the latter end of the Augsburg period through into the WSS.  He's also put some fur hats on the dragoons, just in time to go with the new dragoon flags we've received from Sandinista!  Thanks to both for their work on these.

Bringing up the rear, we've replaced the Marlburian dismounted dragoon sculpts and added a horse holder set for them as well.

League of Augsburg -
LOA38   Dismounted Command group, tricorn (3 figures + 1 horse)     £1.00
LOA39   Mounted Command, standing, tricorn (7 figures)     £2.50
LOA40   Mounted Command, moving, tricorn (7 figures)     £2.50
LOA41   French Dragoons in fur hats (15 figures, inc. command)     £4.95
LOA42   Allied Dragoons in fur hats (15 figures, inc. command)     £4.95

PNFL218    William III Dragoon Regiments    £2.50
PNFL219    Allied Dragoon Regiments    £2.50
PNFL224    Louis XIV Dragoon Regiments    £2.50

Marlburian -
MAL21    Dismounted dragoons (30)    £4.95
MAL22    Horse holder with horse (5 pairs)     £2.50

And the pics!

LOA38 - Dismounted command, tricorn

LOA39 - Mounted command, standing, tricorn

LOA40 - Mounted command, moving, tricorn

LOA41 - French Dragoons in fur hats[/i]

LOA42 - Allied Dragoons in fur hats

MAL21 - Dismounted Dragoons

MAL22 - Horse holder with horse

PNFL218 - William III Dragoon Regiments

PNFL219 - Allied Dragoon Regiments

PNFL218 - Louis XIV Dragoon Regiments