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More WWII releases!

Hot on the heels of the Belgians we've got another batch of WWII releases!  First up for the Brits we've got a handful of figures in the later war Mk III 'turtle' helmet and a couple more Shermans.  For the Germans, we've got Becker's conversion of the French P107 halftrack, designated U304(f).  And bringing up the rear we've added the model 1943 version of the T-34, complete with the oft-requested 'Mickey Mouse' turret!


Infantry -
BRF56    Riflemen in Mk III 'turtle' helmet  £1.75
BRF57    Sten in Mk III 'turtle' helmet  £1.75
BRF58    Officer Mk III 'turtle' helmet  £1.75

Vehicles -
BRV31    M4A2 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm  £3.20
BRV32    M4A2 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm, turret back box  £3.20

Vehicles -
GRV110    U304(f), Becker's halftrack  £2.95

Vehicles -
SVV39    T-34/76 D, model 1943  £2.95

And the pics:

BRF56 - Riflemen in Mk III 'turtle' helmet

BRV31 - M4A2 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm

GRV110 - U304(f), Becker's halftrack

SVV39 - T-34/76 D, model 1943

We'll have these with us at the upcoming WMMS show, as well as Salute of course, so pop by and have a look!