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Revamped Cruisers and Panzer IV's!

We've got another 20 releases in our 20th Century ranges!  

Firstly, we're continuing to revamp some of our older WWII models and next up is the British Cruiser series and the German Panzer IV's.  On the Cruiser side we've replaced the original A9, A10 and A13's, as well as adding another 5 variants as well.  For the Panzer IV's it's a straight swap of new for old, as well as the StuG IV and the Brummbar as well.  Moving forward we'll be replacing the Nashorn, Hummel, Mobelwagen, Wirbelwind and Ostwind.  Also for the Germans we've revamped the Jagdpanzer IV L70 and also added a new Tiger I with zimmerit.

We've got a quick addition to the American range as well, with some Sherman field armour pieces available in the Misc section.  

And finally we've added the Panhard AML 60 to our Modern vehicles range.

British Vehicles -
BRV6 - A9 Mk I / Cruiser Mk I (Vickers)
BRV7 - A10 Mk I / Cruiser Mk II (Vickers)
BRV8 - A13 Mk I / Cruiser Mk III (Vickers)
BRV9 - A13 Mk IIa / Cruiser Mk IVa (Besa)

BRV103 - A9 Mk I CS / Cruiser Mk I CS
BRV104 - A10 Mk Ia / Cruiser Mk IIa (Besa)
BRV105 - A10 Mk Ia CS / Cruiser Mk IIa CS
BRV106 - A13 Mk I CS / Cruiser Mk III CS
BRV107 - A13 Mk II / Cruiser Mk IV (Vickers)

German Vehicles -
GRV13 - Panzer IV D
GRV14 - Panzer IV F1
GRV15 - Panzer IV F2
GRV16 - Panzer IV G
GRV17 - Panzer IV H
GRV32 - Jagdpanzer IV L70s  (no skirts)
GRV40 - StuG IV
GRV87 - Brummbar

GRV111 - Tiger I with zimmerit

American Misc -
AMX1 - Field armour for Sherman tanks (10)  £1.75

Vehicles -
MDV61 - Panhard AML 60

And some pics!

BRV6 - A9 Mk I / Cruiser Mk I (Vickers)

BRV106 - A13 Mk I CS / Cruiser Mk III CS

GRV14 - Panzer IV F1

GRV17 - Panzer IV H

GRV32 - Jagdpanther IV L70

GRV111 - Tiger I with zimmerit