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Korean War - Part 1 released!

We've been working on this range for quite some time now and we're finally ready to release them!  This first batch covers all of the American and Chinese forces, with infantry, command, mortars and artillery crews for both nations.  We'll have the British coming in the next 7-10 days and then the North and South Koreans following on before the end of the month hopefully.  Once these are all available, we'll be looking at all of the artillery towards the end of the year.  And don't forget that we've got most of the vehicles needed for this conflict already available here:

Phil's done a cracking job sculpting these and we'd also like to thank Sunray for all of his help and advice on this range.

Korean War

American -
KUS1   Summer kit, advancing with rifle
KUS2   Summer kit, advancing with BAR
KUS3   Summer kit, standing, firing rifle
KUS4   Summer kit, standing, firing carbine
KUS5   Summer kit, standing, hip firing SMG
KUS6   Summer kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KUS7   Summer kit, prone, firing rifle
KUS8   Summer kit, prone, firing BAR
KUS9   Summer kit, .30 Browning MG team (5)
KUS10   60mm mortar with summer crew (3)
KUS11   81mm mortar with summer crew (3)
KUS12   4.2” mortar with summer crew (3)
KUS13   Summer kit, M20 3.5 bazooka with loader (5 pairs)
KUS14   Summer kit, throwing grenade
KUS15   Summer kit, radio operator
KUS16   Officers in summer kit
KUS17   Artillery crew in summer kit
KUS18   Winter kit, advancing with rifle
KUS19   Winter kit, standing, firing rifle
KUS20   Winter kit, standing, firing carbine
KUS21   Winter kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KUS22   60mm mortar with winter crew (3)
KUS23   81mm mortar with winter crew (3)
KUS24   4.2” mortar with winter crew (3)
KUS25   Officers in winter kit
KUS26   Artillery crew in winter kit
KUS27   Senior officer (2)      £0.50
KUS28   Sentry
KUS29   Casualty
KUS30   Tank commander (head/shoulder) in US helmet      £1.00
(Packs contain 10 figures @ £1.75 unless shown otherwise.)

Chinese -
KCH1   Summer kit, advancing with rifle
KCH2   Summer kit, standing, firing rifle
KCH3   Summer kit, standing, firing Type 50 SMG
KCH4   Summer kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KCH5   Summer kit, prone, firing rifle
KCH6   Summer kit, prone, firing DP LMG
KCH7   Summer kit, Model 92 MG with loader (5 pairs)
KCH8   80mm mortar with summer crew (3)
KCH9   120mm mortar with summer crew (3)
KCH10   Summer kit, throwing grenade
KCH11   Summer kit, bugler
KCH12   Summer kit, radio operator
KCH13   Officers in summer kit
KCH14   Artillery crew in summer kit
KCH15   Winter kit, advancing with rifle
KCH16   Winter kit, standing, firing rifle
KCH17   Winter kit, standing, firing Chinese 7.62mm Type 50 SMG
KCH18   Winter kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KCH19   80mm mortar with winter crew (3)
KCH20   120mm mortar with winter crew (3)
KCH21   Winter kit, throwing grenade
KCH22   Officers in winter kit
KCH23   Artillery crew in winter kit
KCH24   Casualty
(Packs contain 10 figures @ £1.75 unless shown otherwise.)

And of course some pics to tempt you in!

KUS1 - American in summer kit, advancing with rifle

KUS11 - American 81mm mortar with summer crew

KUS20 - American in winter kit, firing carbine

KUS24 - American 4.2" mortar with winter crew

KUS28 - American sentry

KCH1 - Chinese in summer kit, advancing with rifle

KCH8 - Chinese 80mm mortar with summer crew

KCH12 - Chinese radio operator

KCH17 - Chinese in winter kit, firing SMG

KCH20 - Chinese 120mm mortar with winter crew

KCH23 - Chinese artillery crew in winter kit

So that's the first batch released, more to come very soon!