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Korean War - Part 3 released!

Part 3 of our new Korean War range sees the British released!  

With 3 different dress types, this is the largest of our Korean ranges with 42 new codes on offer covering summer/tropical kit, winter kit and Commandos as well.  As with the ranges released so far, we've got loads of infantry options, mortars, command, artillery crew and more, and Phil's done a cracking job with them.  All of the guns for these ranges will be arriving later in the year.

Korean War

British -
KBR1   Tropical kit, advancing with rifle
KBR2   Tropical kit, standing, firing rifle
KBR3   Tropical kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KBR4   Tropical kit, prone, firing rifle
KBR5   Tropical kit, advancing with Bren MG
KBR6   Tropical kit, prone, firing Bren MG
KBR7   Tropical kit, Vickers HMG team (5)
KBR8   Tropical kit, M20 3.5 bazooka team (5)
KBR9   2” mortar with tropical crewman
KBR10   3” mortar with tropical crew (3)
KBR11   4.2” mortar with tropical crew (3)
KBR12   Tropical kit, throwing grenade
KBR13   Tropical kit, radio operator team (5 pairs)
KBR14   Officer in tropical kit
KBR15   Artillery crew in tropical kit
KBR16   Commando, advancing with rifle
KBR17   Commando, standing, firing rifle
KBR18   Commando, standing, hip firing SMG
KBR19   Commando, kneeling, firing rifle
KBR20   Commando, prone, firing rifle
KBR21   Commando with BAR
KBR22   Commando, firing .30 Browning MG
KBR23   81mm mortar with Commando crew
KBR24   Commando M20 bazooka team (5)
KBR25   Commando radio operator
KBR26   Commando officers
KBR27   Commando artillery crew
KBR28   Winter kit, advancing with rifle
KBR29   Winter kit, standing, firing rifle
KBR30   Winter kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KBR31   Winter kit, prone, firing rifle
KBR32   Winter kit, advancing with sten
KBR33   Winter kit, firing Bren MG
KBR34   Winter kit, Vickers HMG team (5)
KBR35   2” mortar with winter crewman
KBR36   3” mortar with winter crew (3)
KBR37   4.2” mortar with winter crew (3)
KBR38   Winter kit, M20 bazooka with loader (5 pairs)
KBR39   Officers in winter kit
KBR40   Senior Officer (2)   £0.50
KBR41   Casualty
KBR42   Head/shoulder tank commander, beret   £1.00
(Packs contain 10 figures @ £1.75 unless shown otherwise.)

And again, Sunray has been a great help with this range, so our thanks go to him!

Here's the pics!

KBR1 - Summer kit, advancing with rifle

KBR11 - 4.2" mortar with tropical crew

KBR14 - Tropical officer

KBR18 - Commando firing SMG

KBR26 - Commando officers

KBR28 - Winter kit, advancing with rifle

KBR36 - 3" mortar with winter crew

KBR39 - Officers in winter kit

KBR40 - Senior officer

Our final release will be the North Koreans, as well as some army packs for all of these new ranges.  We should have those ready and on the website on Tuesday night.