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Korean War - Army Packs released!

And last but not least, we've got the army packs released for the Korean War!  There are 9 different armies available, covering all of the nations and summer/winter variations where possible.  The armies generally contain a pack each of officers, radio ops, mortars, MG's and then a selection of foot to fill it out.  Each army is made up of 15 packs and with a discount of 10% they're a handy way to get your forces started!

Korean War -

Packs contain 10 infantry, 3 mortar teams or 5 MG teams unless shown otherwise.

American Summer Army Pack
2 packs of:
- KUS1   Summer kit, advancing with rifle
- KUS2   Summer kit, advancing with BAR
- KUS3   Summer kit, standing, firing rifle
- KUS4   Summer kit, standing, firing carbine
- KUS5   Summer kit, standing, hip firing SMG
1 pack of:
- KUS6   Summer kit, kneeling, firing rifle
- KUS9   Summer kit, .30 Browning MG team (5)
- KUS11   81mm mortar with summer crew (3)
- KUS15   Summer kit, radio operator
- KUS16   Officers in summer kit

American Winter Army Pack
3 packs of:
- KUS18   Winter kit, advancing with rifle
- KUS19   Winter kit, standing, firing rifle
- KUS20   Winter kit, standing, firing carbine
- KUS21   Winter kit, kneeling, firing rifle
1 pack of:
- KUS15   Summer kit, radio operator
- KUS23   81mm mortar with winter crew (3)
- KUS25   Officers in winter kit

British Summer Army Pack
3 packs of:
- KBR1   Tropical kit, advancing with rifle
- KBR2   Tropical kit, standing, firing rifle
- KBR3   Tropical kit, kneeling, firing rifle
2 packs of:
- KBR5   Tropical kit, advancing with Bren MG
1 pack of:
- KBR7   Tropical kit, Vickers HMG team (5)
- KBR10   3” mortar with tropical crew (3)
- KBR13   Tropical kit, radio operator team (5 pairs)
- KBR14   Officer in tropical kit

British Commando Army Pack
3 packs of:
- KBR16   Commando, advancing with rifle
- KBR17   Commando, standing, firing rifle
- KBR18   Commando, standing, hip firing SMG
1 pack of:
- KBR19   Commando, kneeling, firing rifle
- KBR21   Commando with BAR
- KBR22   Commando, firing .30 Browning MG
- KBR23   81mm mortar with Commando crew
- KBR25   Commando radio operator
- KBR26   Commando officers

British Winter Army Pack
3 packs of:
- KBR28   Winter kit, advancing with rifle
- KBR29   Winter kit, standing, firing rifle
- KBR30   Winter kit, kneeling, firing rifle
2 packs of:
- KBR32   Winter kit, advancing with sten
1 pack of:
- KBR25   Commando radio operator
- KBR34   Winter kit, Vickers HMG team (5)
- KBR36   3” mortar with winter crew (3)
- KBR39   Officers in winter kit

Chinese Summer Army Pack
3 packs of:
- KCH1   Summer kit, advancing with rifle
- KCH2   Summer kit, standing, firing rifle
- KCH3   Summer kit, standing, firing Type 50 SMG
2 packs of:
- KCH4   Summer kit, kneeling, firing rifle
1 pack of:
- KCH7   Summer kit, Model 92 MG with loader (5 pairs)
- KCH8   80mm mortar with summer crew (3)
- KCH12   Summer kit, radio operator
- KCH13   Officers in summer kit

Chinese Winter Army Pack
3 packs of:
- KCH15   Winter kit, advancing with rifle
- KCH16   Winter kit, standing, firing rifle
- KCH17   Winter kit, standing, firing Chinese 7.62mm Type 50 SMG
- KCH18   Winter kit, kneeling, firing rifle
1 pack of:
- KCH12   Summer kit, radio operator
- KCH19   80mm mortar with winter crew (3)
- KCH22   Officers in winter kit

North Korean Army Pack
2 packs of:
- KNK1   Advancing with rifle
- KNK3   Standing, firing rifle
- KNK4   Standing, firing SKS carbine
- KNK6   Standing, cap, firing PPSh M1941 SMG
1 pack of:
- KNK2   Advancing with DP LMG
- KNK5   Standing, helmet, firing PPSh M1941 SMG
- KNK7   Kneeling, firing rifle
- KNK9   Prone, firing DP LMG
- KNK10   82mm mortar with crew (3)
- KNK13   Radio operator
- KNK14   Officers

South Korean Army Pack
3 packs of:
- KSK1   Advancing with rifle
2 packs of:
- KSK2   Standing, firing rifle
- KSK3   Standing, firing M1 carbine
- KSK4   Standing, firing M3 SMG
- KSK5   Kneeling, firing rifle
1 pack of:
- KSK7   Prone, firing Browning
- KSK9   81mm mortar with crew
- KSK12   Radio operator
- KSK13   Officers

All army packs are £23.00.