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New Dutch-Belgians released!

We've got more new releases for the Napoleonic gamers next, with the Dutch Belgians now available!

After the French conquest of the Netherlands in the late 18th century, the Kingdom of Holland had fought alongside the French until 1810, when Napoleon integrated the Netherlands into France and absorbed the army into his own Grande Armee.  In 1813 however, an uprising against Napoleonic rule brought about both a new Kingdom of the United Netherlands and an independent Dutch army, which went on to serve as part of the allied forces during the 100 Days War, culminating at Waterloo.  

Our range covers this later period with figures in both Dutch and Belgian style uniforms for both infantry and cavalry.  

Dutch-Belgians -
NDB1   Dutch line infantry, march attack   £5.25
NDB2   Dutch line infantry, firing line   £5.25
NDB3   Dutch line command   £5.25
NDB4   Dutch mounted officer (5)   £1.75
NDB5   Belgian line infantry, march attack   £5.25
NDB6   Belgian line infantry, firing line   £5.25
NDB7   Belgian line command   £5.25
NDB8   Belgian mounted officer (5)    £1.75
NDB9   Dutch Jagers   £5.25
NDB10   Belgian Jagers   £5.25
NDB11   Dutch Militia, march attack   £5.25
NDB12   Dutch Militia, advancing/firing   £5.25
NDB13   Hussars (Dutch style)    £5.25
NDB14   Dragoons (Belgian style)    £5.25
NDB15   Carabiniers (Dutch style)    £5.25
NDB16   Carabiniers (Belgian style)    £5.25
NDB17   6pdr guns with line artillery crew (3)    £5.25
NDB18   6pdr guns with horse artillery crew (3)    £5.25
NDB19   7” Howitzer with line crew (3)    £5.25
NDB20   7” Howitzer with horse artillery crew (3)    £5.25
NDB21   Prince of Orange and officer (2)    £1.00
(All packs contain 30 foot / 15 cavalry / 3 guns and crew, unless indicated otherwise)

We've also got a couple of handy army packs for these:

1815 Dutch Army Pack - £33.00
3 x NDB1
1 x NDB3, NDB9, NDB15, NDB17

1815 Belgian Army Pack - £33.00
3 x NDB5
1 x NDB7, NDB10, NDB14, NDB17

And the pics:

NDB1 - Dutch line, march attack

NDB7 - Belgian line command

NDB9 - Dutch Jagers

NDB14 - Dragoons (Belgian style)

NDB15 - Carabiniers (Dutch style)

NDB17 - 6pdrs with line crew

NDB21 - Prince of Orange with officer