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New Dacians and Sarmatians now available!

We're slowly revamping some of our older Ancients ranges and it's time for the Dacians to get the treatment!  We've taken the opportunity to split this range into a separate Sarmatian list and add some extra codes to both of these new ranges, including ballista, slingers, mounted archers and more!

Thanks go to Will Denham for all of his work helping us with these new ranges!

Dacians -
ADA1   Foot command   £5.25
ADA2   Spearmen   £5.25
ADA3   Falxmen   £5.25
ADA4   Archers   £5.25
ADA5   Light cavalry with javelin   £5.25
ADA6   Ballista with crew (4)    £5.25
ADA7   Generals (mounted + foot)    £0.85
Dacian Army Pack – Contains 3 x ADA2.  1 x ASA1, 3, 4, 6    £33.00

Sarmations -
ASA1   Slingers   £5.25
ASA2   Javelinmen   £5.25
ASA3   Horse archers   £5.25
ASA4   Unarmoured cavalry with lance   £5.25
ASA5   Cataphracts with lance, half-armoured   £5.25
ASA6   Cataphracts with lance, armoured   £5.25
Sarmatian Army Pack – Contains 3 x ASA3.  1 x ASA1, 3, 5, 6    £33.00

And some pics:

ADA1 - Foot command

ADA6 - Ballista with crew

ADA7 - Generals

ASA2 - Javelinmen

ADA1 - Foot command

ASA3 - Horse archers

ASA4 - Unarmoured cavalry with lance

ASA6 - Cataphracts with lance, armoured

Following these, we'll have revamped Greeks and Persians ready in the next few weeks as well, so keep an eye out for those!