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BKC-IV Errata Released!

After many months of discussion and tweaks behind the scenes, the Blitzkrieg Commander IV Errata sheets are finally here!  We've split the corrections into 2 separate pdf files, one for the rules themselves and one for the army lists.  With the rules errata, we've made sure to give the page number of the correction along with the sentence, paragragh or table that is being amended, to avoid any confusion over which word or number should be altered!  The lists errata is fairly self-explanatory although we're sure there will still be some areas which might be up for debate!

We've managed to address around 95% of the feedback and comments we've had since the launch, with the remaining 5% requiring a bit more thought and some playtests to see if a change is needed.  We'll continue to monitor the feedback as people play the game more and we can respond to any other queries as they come in. 

No doubt there will be some queries on this, but please make sure to give the file a good read-through, along with the wider context in the rules document as well.  There has been a lot of back and forth on some of the points raised and in some cases there will be folks who like the fix that we've implemented while others prefer the original version.  As always with any set of rules, if you prefer to play a particular rule a certain way, and your friends/group/club are on board with that, then go for it!  The bottom line is to enjoy your games!

BKC-IV Rules Errata:
BKC-IV Army List Errata: