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Producing PPE against Covid-19

We'd been looking for ways to help out in the current situation and after a few tests we are now producing PPE/face shields which we are giving out to local medical facilities.  We've been able to increase production to around 400-500 per day and should be able to produce at least 6000 shields.  2000 have already been made and have gone out to a variety of facilities and we'll continue working through the rest as quickly as we can.
As a result, there may be some delays to some orders.  We've still got our regular staff working opposing shifts and then a team of volunteers working evenings, but the laser machines have been put over to producing face shield components, so we're not currently cutting MDF and keeping our bases/building stock levels up.  We'll be switching one machine back to MDF for a single day per week, so please bear this in mind when ordering custom base sizes.
A lot of our customers had asked if they could help out in some way so we started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the materials.  Any excess donations left at the end of this will be given to charity.3 weeks.