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Peninsular Napoleonics project now live!

After the success of our 1809 Confederation project in late 2018, we're back with another expansion project, this time for the Napoleonic Peninsular period!

These ranges have been requested for many years and we're going big on this one, with 70 new codes planned along with stretch goals including flags, terrain, civilians and more.  We've been working with Forum member John Cook to put together all of the reference material which has been sent over to our sculptor ready to get started.  If funding is successful then we'll be getting everything sculpted over the coming months ready for moulding and shipping out to everyone by December of this year.  So if you'd like a nice new project just in time for Christmas then jump in!


UPDATE: Flags, buildings, ADCs and civilians have all been unlocked, as well as a 10% discount on all pledges!


More info on our Forum here:,19688.0.html