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We're Moving!

We've been keeping this very quiet for a long time, but we can now announce that we are moving to our very own premises!  This is the culmination of 3 years of careful planning at our end, trying to manage the finances and build a deposit, whilst still paying the bills and keeping up our heavy release schedule.  But it's all coming together just in time!

We grew out of our current unit a long time ago and we've had to hold back on some plans due to the limitations of our workspace.  Our unit is essentially a large breeze block cavern so it is very cold, very open and very dusty most of the time.  With it being a rented unit it's also difficult to make many changes to the structure, as we would just have to undo everything again when we eventually moved out, so it's never been viable for us to install partition walls, dropped lighting or mezzanine floors.

The new place solves all of these problems instantly, taking us from 1400sq/ft of compact cavern to over 4000sq/ft of proper rooms and separate workshop, so we can have a large casting workshop, a separate laser machine room, a dedicated packaging room, a kitchen, staff area, large office and... a 700sq/ft retail space!   That's right, there will soon be a proper Pendraken shop that you can come and visit for your gaming goodies!

All of this is contained in our own grounds, all fenced off and secure, with parking to the front.  We've also got a separate building to the rear (about 20ft square) that might make a lovely little gaming room for people to hire...

We'd hoped to be able to announce this news a lot earlier but it was almost scuppered entirely by the Covid situation.  Getting viewings on properties is hard enough to begin with, but with so many businesses struggling at the moment the banks are extremely reluctant to lend at all.  It's taken over 2 months of jumping through constant hoops for the bank to finally agree to our commercial mortgage, so it's been a nervous time.  They also insisted on a much higher deposit than we'd originally planned for, but the pandemic actually helped on that front as the increased sales have allowed us to put away a bit extra to cover that.

So the rough plan at the moment is to get the purchase completed and get our keys by the end of March.  There's about 2 weeks worth of work to be done inside (new wiring for the machines, decorating, etc) and then we'll need around 2-3 weeks to transfer the business over.  Unfortunately we will need to close temporarily during that bit, but it should only be for about 2 weeks.  We may leave the website up and running but on the understanding that there might be some delays on shipping.

Finally, we want to thank all of you for your support and custom for all of these years.  Getting our own premises is a massive step for our business and gives us the security to move forward with so many new and exciting projects.  Whether you started buying from us 29 years ago or placed your first order last week, every single one of you has contributed to this move and we are eternally grateful to you.  We hope that you'll continue to support us on the next step of the journey!