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Potential Order Delays

PLEASE READ!  We are currently in the process of moving to new premises so there may be delays to some orders.  The current plan is:
- Week commencing Mar 29th: We will be away working on our new unit and no casting will be done.
- Week commencing Apr 5th: We will have some staff back at our current unit to catch up on orders.
- Week commencing Apr 12th: We will be moving all of our equipment and stock over to the new place so no casting will be done.
- Week commencing Apr 19th: Most of the machinery and equipment will have been moved and we should be able to start casting again.
If your order only contains stock items, such as bases, paints, flags, etc. then these will be shipped much quicker than the figures.  We'll have some of our staff back in the current premises every few days to package up those orders and get them out to you.

We apologise for any delays while we work through the move, we will do everything we can to minimise the impact to our customers and keep your goodies heading out the door!